Design for Play - Lab for Play and Design

Organization profile

Organisation profile

The playful human being is the focal point of the Lab, and we have a firm belief in play and what it means to us as humans. We want to contribute to quality play experiences for children and adults – in the spare time, in school, at work, outside, inside, in good times and bad times – throughout life. We use the playful approach as an integal part of the design process; as an active and present way of opening up to creativity and to our ability to envision that which does not yet exist.

Danish play design involves children as co-creators and allows them to use their own imagination to set the play in motion and, most importantly, to develop it.

In the LAB for Play & Design we have worked with leading partners to investigate and define the unique Danish DNA for designing play. We have also identified possibilities, challenges and barriers for designing ”good play”. This has enabled us to establish a large network within play practice and play research, nationally and internationally, which forms the basis for our focus on Play & Design.