Om organisationen

This research cluster studies political strategies of architecture, past and present, across scales and expressions, empirically as well as theoretically.

As a form of political strategizing, architecture operates on several levels. Our concern is with its variegated modes of operation.

How, in what ways, does architecture contribute to realize a political strategy? 

How do political programs and ideologies act through architecture – spatially, conceptually, pedagogically or otherwise?
What kinds of political acts may architecture perform, in which circumstances and under what conditions?

What would be an architectural exercising of power, how is it expressed andhow can it be recognized?

Can politics be maintained or bedisrupted through architectural creation?

  • NAAR/NAF Symposium 2023

    Henrik Oxvig (Arrangør), Anders Hermund (Arrangør), Anne Elisabeth Toft (Arrangør) & Magnus Rönn (Arrangør)

    28 sep. 202329 sep. 2023

    Aktivitet: Deltagelse i eller arrangement af en begivenhed Organisation af og deltagelse i konference