Carmen Garcia Sanchez

PhD. in Architectural Design with International Mention (2016), MA in Architecture, Specialisation in Building Construction (1997)


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I am a practicing architect and a Master in Architecture  from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, School of Architecture (ETSAM) (1997). I hold a PhD with International Mention in Architectural Design from the same University (2016). 

I possess solid technical skills and extensive knowledge of the development and management of large architectural projects, which I have integrally designed and directed. My architectural practice - for more than twenty-three years involving over 135.000 square meters built – has mainly been focused on the domestic space. I have knowledge of advanced building design and holistic design of engineering systems. Moreover, I have participated in the areas of housing policy.


I specialize in modern and contemporary architecture and the relationship between architectural works and ideas with a strong focus on Nordic and Japanese architecture and an emphasis on the creative interaction of tradition and modernity. My research interests include contemporary architectural design, theory and artistic research. I work in extremely interdisciplinary and international research environments. I have been a visiting scholar, at the Danish National Research Foundation Centre of Excellence for Privacy Studies, University of Copenhagen ,   Tokyo Institute of Technology, School of Environment and Society (2022) and at Konstfack - University of Arts, Crafts and Design, Stockholm. 

My award-winning Doctoral Dissertation 1950 en torno al Museo Louisiana 1970” (2016), a thesis on the contemporary domestic space, displays an analysis of some post-war domestic buildings built between 1950 and 1970 in Denmark, a golden age of  modern Danish architecture. My study offers unique insights from new perspectives relevant for research, architectural history and practice alike, that can also infuse the challenges of contemporary architectural design. As the PI of NATURE-IN, I conducted my research “New Sustainable Nature-Inclusive Architectural Devices for the Transformation of our Interior Dwelling Space: through Selected Case Studies”, an innovative independent research project granted by the European Commission within the programme H2020 Excellent Science- Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions. My study gained knowledge from our architectural heritage - in Denmark and Japan - that contribute via rich multi-sensory stimulation to the connection of their interior space with the surrounding nature. I am applyed an interdisciplinary approach and a methodology that bridged architectural research and practice, research by design. My study provided potential sustainable practical resources to increase humans´ contact with nature through the experience of the architectural space. The main objective is not only to yield insights, but to phase biophilic design- an emerging scientific approach - into the built environment to enhance the health and wellbeing of communities.

I have been involved in research projects focused on Innovative Teaching Methods; where the role of Gamification in Architectural Design Education is explored.

More important, I pursue to contribute to contemporary urgent challenges, for instance evolving approaches such as architecture for health and well-being linked to ideas of sustainability.


(24-25/01/2024) Leader and organiser of a research Two-day seminar Nature-In for MA students and researchers at Konstfack - University of Arts, Crafts and Design, Stockholm.

(11/01/2024) Master class on science communication "Presenting your Research to a Broader Public” for researchers and guest researchers of the research centre of excellence PRIVACY, invited by the core scholar of the centre the Professor in Church History and Dr. Mette Birkedal from University de Copenhagen.

(08/06/2023) Leader and sole organiser of one-day seminar “Nature by Design: Towards a Sustainable Architectural Practice” at the Royal Danish Academy. Activity within the Copenhagen Architecture Festival cXf.

(2020- 2024) Teacher of Theoretical Assignment and Spatial Design studio to MA Architecture and Design students at Institute of Architecture and Design at KADK.

(2017-2020). I have taught Architectural Design within Innovative Teaching Projects as collaborator of the teaching and research team Grupo 4!, Architectural Design Department (DPA), School of Architecture, UPM, BA Architecture studies. I have experience in teaching topics such as Nordic and Japanese architectural history and design; biophilic design; interaction design, co-design, the reflection on the idea of inhabiting, the domestic and workspace; the exploration of recycling and sustainable design. My participation in the exploration of the role of Gamification in Architectural Design Education and my development of Innovative Education Methodologies such as Flipped classroom, Learning Based on Challenges, Design Thinking and Collective Intelligence frame me as an original educator.


Combining theory with practice gives me a privilege and unique position for analyzing architectural works. 


As a leader in my field, I am an independent evaluator for different postdoctoral recruitment programs. I am a member of the external Censor Corps for artistic higher education under the Ministry of Education and Research, Danish Agency for Education and Research. 

Uddannelse (Akademiske kvalifikationer)

PhD. in Architectural Design, A Cum Laude, Dissertation "1950 around the Louisiana Museum 1970", Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

20 okt. 20122 feb. 2016

Dimissionsdato: 2 feb. 2016

PhD. International Mention in Architectural Design, A Cum Laude, "1950 around the Louisian Museum 1970", Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Dimissionsdato: 2 feb. 2016

Master in Architecture, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Dimissionsdato: 30 maj 1997

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Affiliated Researcher , University of Copenhagen, Centre for Privacy Studies

1 mar. 2024 → …

Member of the external Censor Corps for the artistic programs under the Danish Ministry of Research and Education, Danish Agency for Education and Research in Denmark

1 okt. 2022 → …

Collaborator as lecturer, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Escuela de Arquitectura

15 sep. 201730 jun. 2020

Researcher Phd Fellow, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Escuela de Arquitectura

30 okt. 20122 feb. 2016

Architectural Designs Head and Founder, Carmen García Sánchez´s Architecture Office

1 jan. 1999 → …


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