Body-Space, Reason and ‘the Passions’

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    The work questions body-presence in creation of architecture. I am engaged in the body moving in and moved by space, as it emerges in architectural becoming. As a generative force and an affect of architecture, kinaesthetic articulation transgresses normative values of spatial organisation – the ability of ‘dancing’ with space opens the senses to overstep conventional purposive and symbolic effects.
    Formatted as artistic research my project experiments with forms of construction and presentation in exchange with a kinaesthetically alert and empathic body. Kinaesthetic empathy is a capacity to feel the feelings of movement by other living beings, and is capacity as well to feel the dynamic forces of drawing architecture. A thesis of my work is that these body-space potentials may be decisive keys in the process, making aesthetical and ethical forces closely related and incorporated into the field of drawing.
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    StatusUdgivet - 2012

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