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Henriette Ejstrup Andersen

Cand. Arch. Phd fellow, Ph.d.-studerende


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Title: The Tectonics of Reuse – Learning sustainable insulation methods from the vernacular architecture

Abstract: In the Ph.d. project ‘The Tectonics of Reuse’ I look at historic insulation methods. I study if the historic insulation techniques can be tectonically decoded and if its tectonics can be useful when doing energy optimizations in existing buildings. My research takes point of departure in the Danish regulations on buildings performance energy and the fact, that it starts to outperform the embedded energy in materials used to meet the demands. The idea of performance energy starts to look as a one-sided understanding of the environmental problems we are facing. This indicates that the building industry must adapt a more holistic view on building physics, if it aims to support a sustainable building culture.

My thesis is, that the Scandinavian vernacular architecture, which are built upon centuries of empiric and tacit knowledge, can provide us with inspiration and solutions. The vernacular architecture did not only consider materials and construction as means of insulation but provided perhaps even more a cultural structure regulating how people kept themselves isolated from the cold. Furthermore, the circumstances for this particular typology have been characterized by scarcity (especially wood has always been of short supply in Denmark), which have made reuse and circularity a fundamental condition for its construction and planning. I am aiming to do a tectonic decoding of old and new insulation practices to enable a comparison across time.


Uddannelse (Akademiske kvalifikationer)

Arkitektonisk kulturarv, Arkitektskolen Aarhus

1 sep. 200618 jun. 2011

Dimissionsdato: 18 jun. 2011

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Kulturstyrelsen, Kulturministeriet - Kulturstyrelsen

1 jan. 201331 jul. 2015

Cubo Arkitekter

jun. 2012aug. 2012


apr. 2012jun. 2012


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