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We use scientific methods to improve the legibility of typefaces and pictograms.

We strive to produce new knowledge that can provide the tools to create the most legible typography, for both normally sighted and low-vision readers.

Organisationens forskning

Our findings can help optimize challenging legibility situations, including text on traffic and road signs, type on medicine packaging, small point sizes in newspapers or any other reading situation where letters and words can be difficult to perceive. The Centre also works on improving the visibility of pharmaceutical pictograms.

 Our approach is based on combining methods from psychophysics with research-by-design. Psychophysics is a well-established field of research within psychology that investigates the relationships between physical stimuli (the design) and perception. We use our practical knowledge of design to make appropriate changes to the stimuli and employ methods of statistical analysis to measure the effect of these design changes on perceptual performance.

To ensure the relevance of the findings for the typography user and the scientific validity of the experiments, we have designers define the research questions and develop the test material, while psychologists and vision scientists create the experimental paradigm and analyse the resulting data. 

We are committed to create universal design that can improve everyday life for all.

Om organisationen

Short about Centre for Visibility Design:

We combine methods from psychophysics with research-by-design, and investigate aspects of:

1) typeface and pictogram legibility, 2) data visualization, and 3) new ways of reading through the use of modern technology.

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