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THEME: "Architecture and the Edges of Public Space: Tools and Strategies for a New Urban Agenda"

TOPIC: What is the role of architecture in supporting more active, more connective, more beautiful public spaces, promoting human and planetary health, well-being, and livability? How can we move from objects to places? What are the tools and strategies that we will need?

The IMCL and its partners are honored to host the next conference in the venerable series begun in 1985. The IMCL is a unique peer-to-peer gathering of civic leaders, professionals and scholars dedicated to transitioning to a more livable, humane and ecological generation of cities, towns and suburbs. Once again, we will focus upon successful case studies and evidence-based research, sharing effective tools and strategies to drive real change. Our focus this year will be on the tools and strategies to build, protect and enhance thriving public spaces, and the adjacent private spaces and uses that afford well-being, social interaction, quality of life, exercise, health, and economic opportunity, for ALL the residents of cities, towns and suburbs.
Periode17 maj 202220 maj 2022
PlaceringParis, Frankrig
Grad af anerkendelseInternational


  • livable cities
  • Resilience
  • urban strategies
  • social sustainability
  • Climate Adaptation
  • Architecture