Waterscapes of Value: Value creation through climate adaptation in everyday landscapes

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Climate change, changing waterscapes and increasing urbanisation signal uncertainty in relation to practices of living and settling. Furthermore, climate adaptation entails the need for space and spatial retrofitting of urban landscapes, thereby questioning current contemporary landscape practices in urban development. This, therefore, implies and implicates diverse interests and diverging value judgments, making changing waterscapes and CA|HOW prone to land-based value disputes.
This research is a landscape architectural response to climate adaptation related to precipitation in the climatic context of Denmark. The starting point is value creation through climate adaptation in everyday urban landscapes; the ordinary places that sometimes go less noticed. The point of departure was to engage the early project phases, by exploring ´missed´ opportunities which could form the basis and strategy for value creation, at a strategic level of qualitative approaches considering transdisciplinary knowledge creation as key in climate adaptation. The research was conducted as landscape architectural Research through Designing (RTD) in three real-time CA|HOW case studies with elements of action research in the context of Aarhus, Denmark. The research outcomes consist of a range of landscape architectural propositional reflections, based on the case study learnings.
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StatusUdgivet - 22 jun. 2018


  • klimatilpasning af byer og landskaber
  • vand
  • landskabsarkitektur
  • byplanlægning
  • byudvikling
  • Research through Design
  • merværdi
  • værdiskabelse
  • urbane landskaber

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