Nordic architecture is held together by a common history, common linguistic and cultural traditions and a common basis in relatively homogeneous welfare societies. From the perspective of the respective national self-concepts, of course, there are differences, but overall, there are many good reasons for viewing the culture and architecture of the respective Nordic countries as closely connected. Architecture enthusiasts from all over the world travel to the Nordic region to see and experience the architectural legacy of Alvar Aalto, Sverre Fehn, Gunnar Asplund and Jørn Utzon – and it is indeed this regional artistic character alliance that Via Nordica aims to preserve.
Iceland stands to benefit from some of the good experiences from Norway and Denmark as a basis for developing a coherent strategy for a more sustainable tourism industry. The Via Nordica project intends to initiate this development with an idea prospectus intended to inspire politicians and the general public in Iceland and form the basis for a joint Nordic initiative.
A large share of the many tourists who visit Iceland every year comes from the Nordic countries, and it seems obvious to initiate a common Nordic initiative to shape a contemporary narrative about the value of Nordic architectureǯs site-specific, community-seeking traditions for public life and landscape use. The project is intended as the first step in the possible establishment of an 1,800-km trail of experiences and narratives, art, architecture and unparalleled landscapes in Iceland.
The immediate project objective is to prepare material for an inspiring Ǯatlasǯ, complete with data, explanatory texts and perspectives, maps, selected photos and architectural preliminary studies and draft proposals.
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