Middelalderkirkens bygning: betydning, udvikling og transformation



The medieval churches are significant architectural buildings, which over the centuries has been providing the framework of religious life and has served as social and visual anchor points in the communities.
But as the way to practice faith is changing and remote areas are vacated, churches in rural areas are often empty. The church’s status is changing.
Through a study of the church as an architectural icon and identification of the general public attribution of the church as both building and heritage, the project will provide a valuation of the existing cultural and architectural significance and the future potential of the churches.
On this basis, the project aims to develop knowledge and strategies that will ensure a future development of the church buildings through full or partial function transformation to regain, maintain or enhance its status as a place of gathering and as a cohesive factor in rural communities, while ensuring cultural and architectural values of the church buildings.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/02/201508/04/2019


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