Kosmorama (Tidsskrift)

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KOSMORAMA #279: NEW NORDIC MAGIC - Forget about Nordic Noir! These days ’New Nordic Magic’ is all the rage in Scandinavia, where trolls, vampires and deadly viruses spread in film and tv-series on the supernatural, the magic and in scifi.
But how come these hitherto largely unseen genres are suddenly surging in Scandinavian small-country filmmaking? And how does the Scandinavian origin add a touch of everyday realism to the fantastic genres? This issue of Kosmorama digs into three examples of ‘New Nordic Magic’ from Norway, Denmark and Sweden.
Periode1 apr. 202024 feb. 2022
Type af tidsskriftTidsskrift
Grad af anerkendelseInternational


  • Fim
  • Tv-serie
  • magic
  • fantastic fiction
  • Science Fiction