Lamella Flock

Project Details


The collaborative research project Lamella Flock questions how tectonic systems are usually formed and proposes self-organization as a means for future design. Lamella Flock is investigates the possibility of designing as well as physically producing free-form interlinked systems based on multiple and circular dependencies.
The research takes its point of departure in the intersection between traditional wood craft, computer science, and a digital non-standardized production. Through computation and methods of self-organization the project investigates the structural abilities of the wooden Zollinger system; a structural lamella system distributed as a woven pattern of interconnected beams.
Aware of material, design intent, tectonic needs and production the real-time hybrid environment of Lamella Flock explores how design can link between the speculative and its materialization.
Effective start/end date01/10/200923/05/2010


  • wood
  • lamella construction
  • zollinger
  • self-organisation
  • parametric design
  • digital fabrication
  • industrial collaboration