Regimes of value, climate change and the handling of water

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Both regionally and locally areas are subject to climate change adaptation in relation to handling of water. This is often costly and have physical implications of our landscapes. In this context climate change adaptation and handling of water could be seen not only as a limitation but also as a potential to achieve added-value in our surroundings and society as such.
But how do we define and agree on what kind of added-value to achieve? And since the concept of value in itself is both relative and contextual interdependent - how do we discuss and engage with the concept of value - cross-scale, between different actors and varying fields of interests? The objective of the presentation is to engage with the concept of value in relation to climate change adaptation and handling of water in order to engage interdisciplinary and intersectorial within the field of landscape architecture.
If one accept that value is a relative concept, it is apparent that what is seen as a value to one actor in a certain project is not necessarily considered a value to another actor within the same project. Value naturally involves priorities and compromises related to underlying understandings related to distinctive regimes and contexts. Thus values have a clear potential of conflict.
Publikationsdato11 mar. 2014
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StatusUdgivet - 11 mar. 2014
BegivenhedCircle2: climate change adaptation frontiers - Circle2, Lisbon, Portugal
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