Modelling a Complex Fabrication System: New design tools for doubly curved metal surfaces fabricated using the English Wheel

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Standard industrialization and numeration models fail to translate the richness
and complexity of traditional crafts into the making of the architectural elements,
which excludes them from the industry. This paper introduces a new way of
modelling a complex craft fabrication method, namely the English Wheel, that is
based on the creation of a cyber-physical system. The cyber-physical system
connects a robotic arm and an artificial neural network. The robot arm controls
the movement of a metal sheet through the English wheel to achieve desired
geometries according to toolpaths and predicted deformations specified by the
neural network. The method is demonstrated through the making of 1:1 design
probes of doubly curved metal surfaces.
TitelProceedings of eCAADe 2018 : Computing for a better tomorrow
Antal sider9
StatusUdgivet - 2018

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