Framework for Tectonic Thinking, a Conceptual Approach

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This research paper is a contribution to the field of architectural design theory in the area of tectonics. From the designer’s point of view, it will develop an overarching conceptual framework for tectonic thinking (FTT), which will serve as a tool for the comparative analysis and interpretation of a wide range of tectonic motifs and design positions. The understanding of tectonics will be broadened and differentiated. The conceptual framework will be developed in writing and in hand-drawn mappings. This comparative method assumes not one single, supposedly right, meaning of tectonics, but several different meanings. The conceptual framework will employ the following oppositional poles as distinguishing criteria: loadbearing construction versus non-loadbearing construction, solid construction versus filigree construction, and tectonic expression versus a-tectonic expression. It does not assume a value judgement
beforehand about any of these positions. Also a-tectonic design positions will be regarded as valid positions within this framework.
Publikationsdato7 apr. 2017
Antal sider10
StatusUdgivet - 7 apr. 2017
BegivenhedCA2RE: Conference for artistic and architectural (doctoral) research - KU Leuven, Faculty of Architecture, Campus Sint-Lucas, Ghent, Belgien
Varighed: 7 apr. 20179 apr. 2017


LokationKU Leuven, Faculty of Architecture, Campus Sint-Lucas

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    Udo Garritzmann (Taler)

    7 apr. 20179 apr. 2017

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