Experiments in Robotic Thatching

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This booklet is developed in tandem with the production of an installation for the Milaaano 2016 Salone del Moderna exhibition. As such, it should be read as a documentation of the development, discussions, and production of the final product.
The theme of this year’s exhibition is “History as Catalyst.” The intent of this project log is to show the process of design and fabrication of an installation for the exhibition. The project experiments with translating the traditional craft of thatching into a computer aided process using digital fabrication methods on the six-axis robot. Our goal was to develop and fabricate a spatial structure in 1:1 which will be exhibited inside the schools exhibition gallery at Ventura Lambrate during Milan’s Design Week 2016.
“Consciously and unconsciously we have inherited traditions acquired from our family and friends. Traditions, resulting in customs and habits, are passed on from generation to generation. And so traditions have found their origin within cultures, families, friendships and personalities. Traditions are everywhere, and form an important source of inspiration for today’s designers.”
- Thinking Tradition, Overall theme at The Ventura Lambrate 2016, Dezeen.
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StatusUdgivet - 1 jun. 2016

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