At Aarhus School of Architecture research is clustered in three research labs. At Research Lab 1: Territories, Architecture and Transformation we are devoted to questioning and qualifying current urban transformation processes in a shared effort to address future needs and potentials within the field of architecture and urbanism.

We base our research on a broad spectrum of approaches, including theoretical and academic investigations, field work as well as design-driven and design-oriented empirical work based on research-by-design.

The plural concept of territories points to a shared field of interest, which is cross-scalar and includes regional networks, landscapes, urban spaces, buildings, small-scale intimate spaces and objects with a particular focus on cultural heritage and the built legacy of the welfare state.

This book is intended as an invitation to potential collaborators within both academia and the architectural profession.
Udgivelses stedAarhus
ForlagArkitektskolens Forlag
Antal sider59
ISBN (Trykt)978-87-90979-76-8
StatusUdgivet - 28 jun. 2018


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