Unheard workers: behind a foreign diplomatic architecture of the 1960s in Rome



The project aims to study the construction of foreign diplomatic architecture in the 1960s in Rome, Italy. The main case study is Det Danske Institut i Rom (1967), but the project considers also the Japan Cultural Institute (1962) and the British Embassy (1968). Their construction had many converging aspects. They all practiced a mono-material construction, from scratch, following home architectural building traditions, though displaced on Italian ground. Similarly, their current historiography is widely forged around authorial master-dominations: where each construction was conceived only by a famous architect. However, this project aims to widen the field, through recognising its many 'blind spots', and to include all those actors not credited and recognised yet: the unheard workers.
Kort titelUnheard workers
Effektiv start/slut dato01/08/202131/07/2023