The Anthropocene: A contested and contesting concept



This project investigates the contested character and contesting powers of the concept of the Anthropocene, i.e. the understanding that humans have such highly significant impact on the planet that the contemporary age must be considered a new geological epoch. The concept is contested, should we talk about ‘Capitalocene’ instead, since capitalism not humanity is the driving force? The concept also has contesting powers to rethink concepts and dualities such as modernity, progressive versus reactionary, rationality versus emotionality, atmospheres: meteorological versus aesthetic, nature versus culture/society, periodization, urban versus non-urban.
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Urban Atmospheres and the Antropocene

Niels Albertsen (Foredragsholder)

6 dec. 2017

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Skønhed skal gøre fremtidens bygninger bæredygtige

Albertsen, N., 13 jan. 2018

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