In search of Responsible Architecture: Sustainable Building Practices for Behavioral Change



This PhD thesis is part of Research Lab.3: Emerging Sustainable Architecture, under the title of "In search of Responsible Architecture: Sustainable Building Practices for Behavior Change". This study focuses on designing a framework for architectural practice and education that includes behavior change strategies in holistic methodologies to design, evaluate and practice architecture. The framework focuses in strategies to influence architects and clients to make more pro-environmental design choices. RA is presented as a design paradigm that uses activist architecture and participatory sustainable building practices to promote long-term sustainable behavior as a goal. Methodologies include theoretical analyses of case studies and a participatory action research workshops implementing research through design. The project focuses in developing a participatory design project between local communities in Godsbanen area , and students of Aarhus School of Architecture. Lessons learned from case studies and the design from workshops will be implemented with an life build construction with the participants.
Kort titelIn search of Responsible Architecture
Effektiv start/slut dato01/09/201931/08/2022