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Personlig profil


Phil Ayres                
BA(hons) Dip.Arch PhD

Meklenborggade 4, 4.tv, 2300 København S, Denmark                                
m: + 45 24 64 15 19              
e: phil@philayres.org
w: www.philayres.org
s: ayres_phil

Date of Birth:  20.03.74 (UK)  

Academic Record:
2009 PhD Architecture
Awarded 3 year scholarship

1998  Post-Graduate Diploma in Architecture
Unit 14 - Prof. Stephen Gage
Technical Thesis specialisation: Cybernetics and Boundaries (Prof. Ranulph Glanville)

1995  BA(hons) Architecture (First class)

Employment Record: 

The persistent modelling group investigates novel design strategies that exploit the potential of digital technologies applied to three core phases of architectural production and experience: design, fabrication and use.

1999 - sixteen*(makers)
Partner of a collaborative architectural practice with a methodological focus on design-through-making. The practice is research focused, and this research bridges directly into education.

Practice specialising in high specification refurbishment.
Projects include:  Moro restaurant, exmouth market, london; Soho House, dean street, london

Copenhagen, Denmark
2009 -  Assistant Professor (adjunkt) (full-time)
Architecture Design tutor (Department 2)
Researcher (CITA, Institute 4)

2009  Timelærer (part-time)
Post-graduate Architecture Design tutor for afdeling Making Real with
Chris Thurlbourne (Department of Architecture & Aesthetics).

2005 - 2008 PhD cand.
(Department of Architectural Design)

2004 - 2009 Lecturer (full-time) / (part-time from 2006)
1999 - 2004 College Teacher (part-time)
1998 - 1999  Research Assistant (full-time)
2001 - 2009 Post-graduate Architecture Design tutor for Diploma Unit 14
(with Prof. Stephen Gage)

2004 - 2005 Director of Computing.
Role required co-ordination of teaching (both formal classes (Bsc Architecture module ENVS2222), and open classes), procurement of hardware/software and strategic development.
2003 - 2005 Coordinator of combined Electronics and CAD/CAM Laboratory.

2003 - 2005 Year 5 Advanced Architectural Design technical thesis supervisor with specialist focus in CAD/CAM technologies.

2003 - 2005 London Technology Network Business Fellow for the Bartlett Faculty

2002 - 2005 Software Developer of faculty wide Content Management System (intranet).

2001 - 2002 Research Fellow (TOWER project - Bartlett Graduate School)

2000 - 2003 First year Bsc Architecture design tutor

1999 - 2002 Workshop tutor

1998 - 1999 Research Assistant (Passive ventilation for urban contexts - Prof. Stephen Gage)


Completed Buildings:

2009   shelter 55/02, Kielder, Northumberland, UK
A sixteen*(makers) project in collaboration with Stahlbogen Gmbh.


Publication List:

Journal Papers:
2007   The Origin of Modelling
Ayres, P.
Kybernetes: international journal of systems & cybernetics
(vol 36:9/10: pp.1225-1237)

2000  The Use of Heat Pumps to Induce Airflow on Hot Days in Otherwise Passive Ventilation Systems - A Zonal Modelling Approach
Gage, S., Ayres, P. & Axon, J.
Indoor+Built Environment (9: pp.127-142)

Conference/Seminar Papers:
2008  The Representation of Absence and the Absence in Representation
(seminar paper presentation)
The Presence of Absence. University of Copenhagen, Denmark

2006  Complexity From the Ordinary
(conference proceedings on website)
Complexity of the Ordinary. Copenhagen, Denmark

2006  Digital Representations / Analogue Realisations
(invited conference paper presentation, published proceedings)
Responsive Architectures [Subtle Technologies]. Toronto, Canada

2006  Interfaces for Digital / Analogue Circularity
(invited conference paper presentation)
Spatial Interface. University of Westminister, London, UK

2006  Constructing the Specific
(published conference proceedings)
GameSetandMatch II. TU Delft, The Netherlands

2005  Making Practices
(conference keynote speaker) 
Research Spaces. Slade+Bartlett, UCL, London

2005  Making a Difference
(work-in-progress conference paper presentation)
Smart Architecture. ACADIA 2005, Savannah, Georgia, USA

2004  Making a Wall
(co-authored with Cruise, R., published conference proceedings)
Design, Computing and Cognition '04 (pp.275-293)

Authored Articles:
2005  Getting Specific   
Architectural Design (vol.75, no.3, pp.58-65).

Work Cited/Published In:
2009  Building Design (article title: folding into the landscape)
Stacey, M.
(14th Aug, issue.1880, pp.16-17)

2009  Blueprint (article title: shelter 55/02, kielder park)
Jones, W.
(july, issue.280, pp.54-57)

2008  Digital Architecture Now
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Thames & Hudson (pp.344-351)

2006  Immaterial Architecture
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Routledge (pp.61-62)

2006  Blueprint (article title: sixteen*(makers))
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(nov, issue.248, pp.86-90)

2004  Digital Fabricators 
Stacy, M. (ed.)
ACADIA exhibition catalogue (pp.80-81)

2003  Architectural Design: Site Lines
Gage, S.
(vol.73, no.1, pp.126-127)

2002  Frame (article title: Responsive Behaviour)
Jones, W.
(issue.26, pp.108-113)

2001  Computer-Aided Manufacture in Architecture - The Pursuit of Novelty
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Architectural Press (pp.7-9, 79-97)

2001  Architectural Design (article title: sixteen*(makers))
Spiller, N. (ed.)
(vol.71, no.1, pp.22-27)

2001  Hightech & Customisation: sixteen*(makers)
Melhuish, C.
Crafts Council: Making Buildings exhibition catalogue (pp.25-30)


2007 150th Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition (copenhagen, denmark)
Group exhibition.
Presented When I See Red, an active spatial installation produced in collaboration with Caroline Zakrisson.
2006   Assembling Adaptation. Launchpad Gallery, Building Centre (london, uk)
sixteen*(makers) solo exhibition.

2005   Finding Fluid Form. Brighton School of Architecture (uk)
Group exhibition.

2004   Unit 14 - Architecture Machines. Bartlett School of Architecture (london, uk)
Unit 14 solo exhibition.

2004   Digital Fabricators. Cambridge Galleries (waterloo, canada)
Group exhibition.

2003   Material Intelligence. Entwistle Gallery (cork street, london)
Group exhibition.

2003    Intimacy - Beyond Media. Stazione Leopolda (florence, italy)
Group exhibition. 

2001   Making Buildings. Multiple Venues (uk)
Group exhibition. 

1998   Meme Machine. ICA (london)
Unit 14 solo exhibition.

1997   The Turing Table. Crowbar (exmouth market, london)
Unit 14 solo exhibition.

Residencies & Workshops:

2009  Traces of Time
Department 2, The Royal Academy School of Architecture, Copenhagen (denmark).
Nine day workshop in which students were asked to explicitly examine notions of temporality through a representational medium of their choice. Students developed conceptual and physical resources through a range of media in support of their studio building design project.   

2003-2007 Kielder Residency
sixteen*(makers) awarded the first architecture residency at Kielder, Northumbria, UK, funded by The Kielder Art & Architecture Partnership and the Bartlett Architecture Research Fund.

2006   Time To Behave 
CITA, The Royal Academy School of Architecture, Copenhagen (denmark).
One week workshop introducing notions of sensing, control and actuation in relation to physically constructed spatial propositions.

2005  An Architectural Operetta
Studio 3 (Volker Giencke), Institut für Entwerfen (Innsbruck, austria)
Ten day workshop run together with Prof. Stephen Gage exploring and constructing full scale responsive environments.

1998  A Christmas Architecture
Department V (Svein Tønsager & Chris Thurlbourne),
Arkitektskolen Aarhus (denmark)
Consultant on a two week workshop between Unit 14 (Bartlett) and Department V resulting in two exhibitions of interactive work by students.

Lectures & Talks:

2010   The Persistent Model - addressing some contradictions of architectural practice
Institute of Architecture & Design, University of Aalborg, Denmark

2008  Persistent Modelling - designing design to accommodate time-based transform Design School, Kolding, Denmark

2008  Exercises in Persistent Modelling - or - reasons why I love the digital, but can't give up the analogue 
Space and Narrations Lecture Series. Chelsea School of Art and Design, London

2007   Notions of Design and Synthesis
Pecha Kucha. Dansk Arkitektur Center, Copenhagen, Denmark

2007   Explorations in Persistent Modelling
Eyebeam, NYC, USA

2006   Time-Based Transformative Architectures
CITA, The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, Copenhagen, Denmark

2005   Magic and Architecture (together with Prof. Stephen Gage)
Fakultät für Architektur, University of Innsbruck, Austria

2005   sixteen*(makers) and the Kielder Residency 
Architecture Week. Queen's Hall, Hexham, UK

2002   A Year in the Making (sixteen*(makers))  
Lowe International Lecture Series. Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, UK

2001   sixteen*(makers) 
EVOLUTION - Architecture and Interface. Leeds International Film Festival, UK

2001    sixteen*(makers)
Brighton School of Architecture, UK

Professional Seminars:

2002   Design Frameworks for Responsive Architectures
Continued Professional Development (CPD) seminar, ORMS architects, London, UK

Reviewing & Refereeing:
2007 - 2009   Book proposal reviewer. (Taylor & Francis / Routledge)

2007   Paper Review committee member for Expanding Bodies conference. (ACADIA)

2007   Referee for Kybernetes. (Emerald Journal of systems and cybernetics)

2005   Architectural Design proposal reviewer. (Wiley Academy)

2005   Paper referee for Architecture Research Quarterly. (Cambridge Journals)

External Examiner:

2007  Institutionen för Arkitektur och Byggd Miljö, Lunds Universitet, Sweden

Guest Critic: 

2009  The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture
Copenhagen, Denmark

2007  Institutionen för Arkitektur och Byggd Miljö, Lunds Universitet, Sweden

2005   Architectural Association, UK

2004   Kingston School of Architecture, UK

2000   University of Westminster, UK

External Appointments:
2009 -   Charlottenborg Fonden.
Appointed to the board as the representative for architecture.


  • Bygningskunst
  • Proces og metode
  • Teknologi og digital design
  • Digital Architectural Design
  • Digital Fabrication
  • Digital Simulation
  • Robotics
  • Uncoventional Robotics
  • Bio-Hybrid Systems