The Making of London Narratives: Workshop 11-14 March 2008, School of Architecture and the Visual Arts, University of East London

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Focusing on a number of sites along the river Thames, the workshop will explore concepts and strategies developed by the international art-group Situationist International.

By placing students of architecture from two different schools together (in groups), the aim of the workshop is to establish cross-over collaborations and to develop reflections on the city of London as well as on its citizens and their daily routes and routines.

The workshop should be regarded and treated as a small piece of research. The aim is the development of original and non-conventional readings and mappings that critically combine with a media specific starting point. The assignment deals with the relationship between presentation and representation, site and non-site.

Part of the assignment is for the students to define how they construct and read their maps, and how they chose to define and use them as representations.

The workshop focuses on design methods and the process of design. It will encourage the students to go beyond their own expectations, and it will offer a tool and a mindset that can help them develop innovative concepts of architecture and the city.

Claudia Carbone, Architect

Anne Elisabeth Toft, Architect, Ph.D.

Emneord: Workshop

Inviteret gæsteunderviser ved School of Architecture and the Visual Arts, University of East London The Making of London Narratives - en workshop ved Anne Elisabeth Toft og arkitekt Claudia Carbone (DK) med fokus på repræsentationer og gengivelsesstrategier, kort og kortlægning. Tematik: Collagens konstruktion som abstrakt maskine for betydningsproduktion(er)
Periode11 mar. 200814 mar. 2008
Sted for afholdelseSchool of Architecture and the Visual Arts, University of East London, Storbritannien


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