Substance versus subsistence. Retrospecting Bruno Latour's empirico-ontological philosophy

Aktivitet: Tale eller præsentation Foredrag og mundtlige bidrag


The aim of this lecture is
• to sketch a retrospective interpretation of Bruno Latour’s oeuvre with an ‘assemblage point’ in the ontological distinction – occurring late in his work (AIME) – between Substance and subsistence
• to indicate what this means for his understanding of actor-network-theory, the social sciences, the notion of Gaia and ecological class struggle
Periode20 dec. 2022
Sted for afholdelseAalborg Universitet, Institut for Arkitektur, Design og Medieteknologi, Danmark
Grad af anerkendelseLokal


  • Irreduction
  • actor-network-theory
  • substance | subsistence
  • Gaia
  • modes of existence
  • ecological class struggle