Practicing Theory

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JAE Special Focus Session
This panel will examine key questions on scholarly inquiry and writing about design work. Panelists will respond to the following prompts and discuss how each informs the ways they conceptualize and write about their own design work: Situate – how do you situate design work within a scholarly context?; Reflect – how do you write critically (not promotionally) about your work?; and Disseminate – how do you communicate about the broader impacts of your work? Design as Scholarship is a feature of the Journal of Architectural Education that supports the peer-reviewed publication of scholarly texts about design practice. This unique publishing venue is valuable for both emerging and established design academics to reflect on creative work and to situate it within a scholarly context. Panelists include recent contributors of Design as Scholarship texts, the JAE Design Editor, as well as Editorial Board Members. The aim of the session is to discuss design scholarship as an ongoing practice that designers use to shape the inquiries that inform their design decisions. These inquiries establish a framework for self and peer-critique that allow us discuss to how our individual designs can inform broader discussions about architecture in general. The goal of the panel is to support compelling writing about design projects and to provide an open venue to discuss critical attributes of the practice of design scholarship.
Moderators: Jane Hutton, Jacob Mans, Carolina Dayer (JAE Design Editor)
Panelists: Shelby Doyle, Richard Hindle, Jacob Mans
Periodedec. 2019
Begivenhedstitel107th ACSA Annual Meeting: Black Box: Articulating Architecture's Core in the Post-Digital Era
PlaceringPittsburgh, USA, Pennsylvania
Grad af anerkendelseInternational