In-between Lecture Series

Wieczorek, I. (Arrangør)

Aktivitet: Deltagelse i eller arrangement af en begivenhed Organisation af og deltagelse i konference


The In-between Lecture Series 2014-15 theme critic[RE]alities / Architecture Manifestos attempts to explore potential meanings and multiple ways of engaging through architecture. Questioning and re-thinking criticality and bringing up for the discussion the notion of agency as a crucial category in contemporary architecture, the aim of the series is to overcome the dialectic tension between pragmatism and utopia, as well as theory and practice, which in the context of the so-called “post-criticality” (Somol, Whiting 2002) not only become mutually explanatory but, both, become a locus of criticality. Hence, theoretical explorations as well as manifestos articulated through design are to frame the discussion. The internationally renowned speakers will contribute to further understanding the previously mentioned convergences and polarities with their critical approach and particular form of praxis, revealing the multiplicity of agents in the making of architecture – i.e. in shaping reality. Speakers: CJ Lim [Studio 8 Architects] 06.11.14; Matteo Giacomelli [Emmegiprod – Italian Radical Design in Film] 04.12.14; Andrés Jaque [Office for Political Innovation] 2014–2015; 08.01.15; Eduardo Arroyo [NO.MAD] 05.02.15; Jonathan Hill 05.03.15; Markus Bader [Raumlabor] 09.04.15; Robert Somol 21.05.15
Periode6 nov. 201421 maj 2015
PlaceringAarhus, Danmark