Det Erotiske Vindue

Translated title of the contribution: An Erotic Window into Domestic Space

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The basic assumption that domestic space should be ‘comfortable’ is arguably a modern ambition and one that has certainly affected the quality of architecture. However, comfort was not always identified with soft commodities. If we take, for example, the case of the window, a common building element that stands as a mediator between interior and exterior conditions, we can read a micro-history of the changing nature of comfort in the direct light of architecture’s realm. Can architects regain the complex and fascinating territory that considered the domestic interior as a place for dreaming?
Translated title of the contributionAn Erotic Window into Domestic Space
Original languageDanish
Issue number04
Pages (from-to)30-32
Number of pages3
Publication statusPublished - May 2019


  • interior space
  • privacy
  • architectural artefacts
  • public space
  • spatial practice
  • domestic space

Artistic research

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