Трансфер на стенописни фрагменти, открити при археологически проучвания: предизвикателството да отидеш (не)подготвен на терен

Translated title of the contribution: The Detachment of Excavated Mural Paintings’ Fragments: the Challenge of Going to the Site (un)Prepared

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It is not unusual that during archaeological excavations the archaeologists would unearth parts of the wall or/and the floor decoration (or both) of residential, administrative or religious buildings. Since this decoration is more often found in open air premises, the factors which influence its condition differ from those we would usually expect in interior conditions. In this relation, the fragments discovered on the walls of the church ruins at St. Athanasius site near Etropole, are not any different. What makes the case specific is the setting of the grounds, the fact that they are still traditionally used for religious gatherings and last, but not least – the technological manner and the quality of the used materials.
What is considered a classical method of detachment proved to be inapplicable in this particular case, so another method was to be sought. In general, bearing in mind the mistakes that were made and the negatives, the treatment is to be considered with a positive outcome. Nevertheless, it posed some questions as to whether the chosen method was correct or whether the communication between the conservation professionals in Bulgaria is on the needed level.
Translated title of the contributionThe Detachment of Excavated Mural Paintings’ Fragments: the Challenge of Going to the Site (un)Prepared
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Publication date2014
Number of pages8
Publication statusPublished - 2014


  • archaeological site, mural paintings, field treatment

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