States of Proximity - Privacy under Louis XIV in Versailles, 1682-1715

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This work is situated within the multidisciplinary research context of the Centre for Privacy studies and aims to historically explore the values and effects embedded in the concept “privacy” and applied to a historic architectural case such as the château of Versailles built under Louis XIV; the study considers specifically the timespan from the establishment of the court at the palace, 1682, to the Louis departure, 1715.
Privacy, although it bears a very modern concept, could be unveiled also in a historical context, sifted through several methodological filters and understood under different aspects.
Versailles, due to its particular social composition and its class-driven hierarchy becomes a valuable laboratory where a particular idea of privacy has been introduced to serve as social regulator in form of commodity. This particular form of commodity has been materialised and transmitted in the very spatial-architectural configuration which manifests itself through the idea of proximity.
Effective start/end date15/08/201817/05/2022


  • Architecture
  • Proximacy
  • Louis XIV
  • Privacy
  • France
  • Early Modern
  • Versailles
  • Ancien Regime