Nordic Waste Wood for Good: Bridging Culture and Technique

  • Popovic Larsen, Olga (PI)
  • Browne, Xan (Project Participant)
  • Aalto, Pasi (Project Participant)
  • Huges, Mark (Project Participant)
  • Crocetti, Roberto (Project Participant)

Project Details


This project seeks to develop a cultural exchange across the Nordic region through explorations and development of architectural opportunities from waste wood. This is achieved though a series of workshops at each of the participating institutions (NTNU, Aalto, KTH and the Royal Academy), where master students develop 1200x1200 timber panels using locally sourced waste wood. To maximise the cultural exchange without moving people or materials, processes and results are shared using a digital platform. The workshops have a focus on the rich existing cultural heritage of building in wood whilst looking at new solutions that will contribute to reducing carbon in the future. The outcome of the project is a catalogue of architectural opportunities for working with waste wood combined with survey results of how project participants and the general public perceive the potential value of waste wood in the context of building with what we currently regard as waste materials.
Short titleNordic Culture Council Project
Effective start/end date01/09/202030/12/2021


  • waste wood, material agency, cultural values, sustainability