New Towns Arrival Cities

Project Details


“New Towns, Arrival Cities” will offer a platform for citizens and migrant groups to be protagonists in elaborating innovative models of inclusive practices and policies, and will create an ongoing network of New Towns as a basis for future initiatives. It encompasses five events in five partner countries: the UK, Italy, France, Sweden, and The Netherlands.
Five New Town Labs
The project’s five events will be structured as New Town Labs, each with a two-day programme: one tour day followed by one seminar day. The labs will be co-designed and co-organized with the local citizen participants from the host town, including participants from the migrant communities who will contribute to the definition of the themes, format and overall organization. Labs will be tailor-made to the local context and issues, while addressing global problematics that the network of partners will elaborate as an international debate.
Effective start/end date01/10/201728/02/2019


  • New towns
  • Arrival cities
  • migrant groups
  • Citizen involvment