MEMORI, Measurement, Effect Assessment and Mitigation of Pollutant Impact on Movable Cultural Assets - Innovative Research for Market Transfer

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    The purpose of the MEMORI project is to develop and market dosimeters for measuring harmful substances, such as acetic acid present in the surroundings and emitted from the artworks and other cultural heritage objects. The project builds on proven methods and techniques to develop a new generation of cost-effective and user-friendly appliances.

    The School of Conservation is responsible for work package 6, which are studies of VOC impact on vegetable tanned leather and parchment. Participants herein are René Larsen, Dorte V.P. Sommer and Kathleen Mühlen Axelsson. Furthermore Mikkel Scharff is responsible for the production of experimental varnish for paintings under work package 4.

    The project brings together 14 institutions from Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Italy, Romania, Spain, Britain, Germany and Austria under the auspices of the Norwegian Institute for Air Quality Studies, NILU (
    Effective start/end date01/11/201001/11/2013