Collaborative Redesign with Schools

  • Bøjer, Bodil Hovaldt (Project Participant)
  • Rasmussen, Lisa Rosén (Project Participant)
  • Woolner, Pamela (PI)
  • Sigurdardottir, Anna-Kristín (Project Participant)
  • Grannäs, Jan (Project Participant)
  • Frelin, Anneli (Project Participant)
  • Coelho, Carolina (Project Participant)
  • Stadler-Altmann, Ulrike (Project Participant)

Project Details


Collaborative Redesign with Schools (CoReD) is an Erasmus+ research project, involving universities and schools from England, Iceland, Sweden, Portugal, Italy og Denmark. The project runs from 2020 to 2022 and develops and examines 6 tools for dialogue and collaboration in school development projects, aiming to make school leaders, teachers and students discuss and examine the interplay between their physical environment and pedagogical practices.
Effective start/end date01/10/201930/09/2022