Architecture between industrialization and sustainability

Project Details


  The project aims at developing new models for dwellings focusing on sustainable solutions based on industrialized production technologies.
The project is divided into three parts. Part one and two is based on case studies of Danish dwellings from 1969 until now. The analyses are based on studies of the building as structure and as a framework for the everyday life of the occupants. Through interviews with a number of occupants the projects seeks to discuss the different structures ability to change over time and adapt new functions and new kinds of meaning. In the last part of the project these analyses will create the base for the discussion of and developing of new building types and technologies focusing on a sustainable use of the worlds resources by looking at the building and its structure in a long time perspective.
Effective start/end date05/10/200831/12/2010


  • Kulturministeriets Forskningspulje
  • Aase og Ejnar Danielsens Fond
  • Boligfonden Kuben


  • Sustainable architecture
  • role of the architect
  • refurbishment
  • flexibility