Jørgen Eskemose Andersen
  • Philip de Langes Allé 11, Bygning 72

    1435 København K


1991 …2019

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Personal profile

Curriculum vitae


1974: Bachelor's Degree in Construction and Management, Copenhagen Polytechnic;

1983: Masters Degree in Town Planning, Institute of Town and Landscape Planning, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture.



English: Speaking: Excellent; Reading: Excellent; Writing: Excellent.

Portuguese: Speaking: Excellent; Reading: Excellent; Writing: Good.


Key qualifications and teaching and research experience

  • Urban and Regional Planning
  • Land Management
  • Urban Development and Community Participation
  • Design and Implementation of Training and Capacity Building programmes
  • Institutional Development
  • Teaching and Research
  • 1. Project Manager on Assistance to Physical Planning, Zambezi, Mozambique (1987/89). Training of Urban and Regional Planners and Architects.
  • 2. Head of Design and Construction Department, Copenhagen Polytechnic (1990/94). Responsible for Curriculum Syllabus development.
  • 3. Planning a new training course for Land Surveying Technicians, Copenhagen Polytechnic (1994)
  • 4. Design and implementation of Town Planning courses for Danish and Overseas Students at the School of Architecture (1994/06)
  • 5. Centre Manager: DUCED (Danish University Consortium for Environment and Development) comprising 5 Danish and 14 universities in Southern Africa and South East Asia (1997/2001). Curriculum development.
  • 6. Project Manager: Urban Environmental Management and Planning Project in 5 Cities in Northern Mozambique (2002/04). Training Municipal Urban Planning staff.
  • 7. Chief Technical Advisor: Sustainable Urban Development project in Maputo, Mozambique(2007/08). Training local CBO's and NGO's in Urban Planning.
  • 8. Home Space. Meanings and perceptions of the built environment in Maputo. (2009-2011) Research manager.
  • Key words on expertise: Low Cost Housing, Site & Service Schemes, Urban Environmental Planning and Management, Upgrading and Regularisation of Informal Settlements, Land Use Planning, Infrastructure planning and implementation, Land Management and Land Tenure systems. Design and implementation of training programmes within the urban sector in the South.


1994-2008: The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, Department of Human Settlements. Associate Professor

  • Training Programme in low in-come housing for 15 Schools of Architecture in Central America (El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Panama and Costa Rica). Danida.
  • Master Programme for Tanzanian students on scholarship in Denmark. Danida.
  • Research and Field studies in Tanzania, Ghana and South Africa with Danish students. School of Architecture.   
  • Research on the performance of the Sustainable Cities Programme. In collaboration with ARDHI University in Tanzania. 
  • Supervision of Danish students on exchange studies in South Africa, Thailand and Malaysia. DUCED.
  • Establishment of a University Consortium on Urbanisation and Environment (DUCED) with 5 Universities in Denmark and 14 in Southern Africa and South-East Asia. Curriculum development and research capacity. Exchange of students, faculty and Ph.D. scholars. 1998-2004. DANCED/Danida.
  • Chief Technical Advisor on the Environment Programme in Mozambique 2002-2006, Part-time (14 month) Danida.
  • CTA on NGO project in Mozambique on Sustainable Urban Development, Maputo2007-2008 ( leave of absence from the School of Architecture) 


1990-1994: Copenhagen Polytechnic. Head of Construction and Design Department

The Department employed 25 teachers (architects and engineers) and the school had 750 students and 70 teachers. Responsible for curriculum development, pedagogical strategies and policy to strengthen the education nationally and internationally.


1987-1989: Assistance to Physical Planning in Zambezia, Mozambique. Project Manager

Project on institutional development, training and capacity building. Technicians and Community leaders trained in Planning, Infrastructure Implementation and Management, Appropriate Technology, Land Management and Low In-come Housing. Implementation of Small Scale Projects on Water and Sanitation, Road Construction, Health Care Centres and Primary Schools. Refugee Settlement Planning and Implementation. Danida.


1984-1987: Mozambique. Maputo City Council, Urbanisation and Construction Department. Head of Department 1985/87

Planning and implementation of Site and Service Schemes and Resettlement projects. Self-help Housing. Water and Sanitation. Urban planning at city, district and neighbourhood level. Land Management, Land Surveying, Concession and Registry.


1979-1983: School of Architecture, Institute of Town and Landscape Planning

Planning theory, public participation, regional, municipal and local planning. Student Research fellow. Multidisciplinary planning approaches. The role of the state and private developers. 3' World Studies on Planning, Housing, Land Management and Community Participation. Research in Lusaka on Land Management, Land Use Planning and Housing. Master Thesis: Urban Planning in Zambia - the case of Lusaka. The myth of the garden City.


1976-1979: Hvidovre Municipality, Greater Copenhagen, Urban Planning Department

Upgrading and Land Regularisation of an allotment garden community. Provision of  Infrastructure Services. Municipal Planning responding to new legislation and changed attitudes to Planning introducing public participation.


1975-1976: Lorenz Associates; Architects, Lusaka, Zambia

Primary and Secondary Schools, Primary Health Care Centres, Conference Hall and Students accommodation at the University of Zambia, Lusaka.


1974-1975: Nicolaisen and Braarup, Architects m.a.a. Copenhagen

Institutions and public buildings, a regional plan for Limfjorden, a remote region in Denmark. Competition for a new University Centre in Aalborg (AUC). Proposal awarded.


Consultancy assignments

  • Feasibility study for the Danish Red Cross and CASA on Reconstruction of Health Institutions in Mozambique, desk study. 1989.
  • Programa de restabelecimento de deslocados em Zambezia. Project proposal, Ibis and Danish Refugee Council, Desk study. 1989.
  • Project Identification Mission to Milange, Mozambique for the Danish Refugee Council: Resettlement and Rehabilitation in Milange. Team Leader. 1992.
  • Desk study on Urban Environmental Problems in South Africa, Namibia and Botswana. Nordic Consulting Group. DANCED. 1994.
  • Appraisal study for the Regionalisation of the UNCHS Community Development Programme in South and Eastern Africa. Missions to South Africa, Namibia, Kenya and Eritrea. UN- Habitat. Team Leader. 1994.
  • Fact finding mission, South Africa. Identification of partners within the Human Settlement Sector. Ibis/DHS. 1995.
  • Coastal Zone Management, Mozambique, appraisal mission. 1996. Danida
  • Exploratory Missions to Thailand, Malaysia, South Africa, Botswana. DUCED. 1998.
  • Low Cost Housing, Bolivia - Mid-Term Review, Danida. 1999.
  • Support to Urban Environmental Management in Five Municipalities of Mozambique. Urban Environmental Management Specialist.14 month 2002-2006. Danida.
  • Sustainable Energy Activities in Local Areas of Sofala, Mozambique - Mid-Term Review OVE, Danish NGO, Team Leader. 2007.


Other professional activities

  • Research Assistant on Environmental Impact Assessment Project: Gravel Extraction and Land Use Planning. School of Architecture. 1980.
  • Research in Zambia, Tanzania and Kenya: Urban Planning and Housing, 1982.
  • Scandinavian Institute of African Studies Uppsala, Sweden: Research Fellow. Urbanisation and Housing in Africa. One month 1982.
  • Summer University, Hungary: Revitalisation of Central European Cities, 1983.
  • Study tour to Sierra Leone: Squatter Settlements in Freetown, 1983.
  • Representing Mozambique in a regional seminar on Urbanisation and Land Management in Lusaka, 1985.
  • Coordinator of WUS (today Ibis) activities in Mozambique, 1986.
  • Study visit to MS (Danish NGO) programme activities in Nepal 1989.
  • Cumbria, Portugal tutoring 25 Danish students, Copenhagen Polytechnic, 1992.
  • Resource person to Danida's Training Centre, Hornbækhus, 1992-1994.
  • Study tour to St. Petersburg, Russia on Urban Renewal Programmes, 1993.
  • Urban Regeneration, Conference Havana, Cuba. 1998
  • Implementing a Semester programme in Cape town for Danish Students, 1998
  • Planning and implementing study tour to Denmark for South African NGO's related to Housing and Urban Development and Planning. 1999
  • Exploratory mission to Malaysia with the University Consortium on "Sustainable Land-use and Natural Resource Management". DANCED. 1999.
  • Planning and implementing a study programme for South students of Architecture to Copenhagen ("Learning from Copenhagen") 2000 and 2001.
  • Research in Djenné, Mali on Vernacular Adobe Architecture. 2002.
  • Member of Research Network for Environment and Development, DDRN 2002- 08.
  • Elaborating a programme for a massive expansion of the MS training Centre in Arusha Tanzania and developing design concepts for new local MS centres in 4 provincial capitals in Uganda (MS: Danish NGO) 2009.


Posts held

  • International Relations, School of Architecture, board member 1997- 2002
  • INTERPLAN: 1994-1997, vice chairman
  • NOFUA, Nordic Forum for Development Studies. Board member 2000-2008.
  • U-NEXUS: University Network Exchange on Urban Sustainability. Board member 04-06.
  • University of Copenhagen: Third World Course of Danish Universities, 1994-1998. Board member and chairman.


External Examiner

  • ARDHI University, Tanzania, Department of Urban and Regional Planning, 1995-1998.
  • Technical University of Denmark (DTU), 1998-2002.
  • Aalborg University, Department of Planning (AUC) 2002.


Guest lecturer

  • Nordic Africa Institute (NAI) in Uppsala 1998.
  • Aalborg University (AAU) 1999
  • Technical University of Denmark (DTU) 1999-2004
  • Copenhagen University (International Health Course) 1997-2006.


Recent courses attended

  • Urban Environmental Planning, Practise and Legislation, Denmark, 2004
  • Geographical Information Systems (GIS) 2005.


Research area

  • City
  • Construction
  • History and culture
  • Architecture
  • Informal Urbanisation in the Global South
  • Slum upgrading in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Research by Design in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Densification in Sub-Saharan African cities
  • Land rights in slums in Sub-Saharan African cities