Boris Brorman Jensen
  • Philip de Langes Allé 11, Bygning 72

    1435 København K



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Curriculum vitae



Institute for Architecture and Design, Aalborg University, AAU

Ph.D. in urbanism, 2004  

Dissertation title: “The City Rediscovered – Tracing Contemporary Urbanism” 

Aarhus School of Architecture, AAA 

Cand. Arch, MAA (professional degree), 1997 

State University of New York at Buffalo, SUNY 

Graduate studies in Architecture, 1993 


Academic Experience

Associate Professor in Urbanism and Urban Design 

The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture , KADK, 2017 - present

Aga Khan Visiting Fellow 

Harvard Graduate School of Design, Cambridge, spring 2010

Associate Professor in Urbanism and Urban Design 

Aarhus School of Architecture, AAA, 2007 - 2015 

Lecturer and Instructor 

Aarhus School of Architecture, AAA, 2006 - 2007 

Visiting Scholar 

Faculty of Architecture, The University of Sydney, fall 2005  

Assistant Professor in Urbanism and Urban Design 

Institute of Architecture & Design, Aalborg University, 2003 - 2005 

Doctoral Candidate in Urbanism and Urban Design 

Institute of Architecture & Design, Aalborg University, 2000 - 2003 

Visiting Lecturer 

Institute for Urbanism, AHO, Oslo, fall 2000  

Teaching Assistant 

Aarhus School of Architecture, AAA, 1997 - 2000  


Guest Lecturer and Critic

Abedian School of Architecture, Bond University, Queensland, 2017

School of Architecture & Built Environment, The University of Adelaide, 2017

School of Architecture & Design, RMIT University, Melbourne (and Europe) 2014, 2017

Strelka Institute of Media, Architecture & Design, Moscow, 2014

Sint-Lucas School of Architecture, Ghent, 2011, 2013 

Performance Design, Roskilde University, RUC, 2011 - present

Technical University of Denmark, DTU, 2010 - present 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT, Cambridge MA, 2009, 2010 

Mackintosh School of Architecture, Glasgow, 2009 

Institute of Architecture and Design, Aalborg University, AAU, 2007 - present

Harvard Graduate School of Design GSD, Cambridge MA, 2007, 2010

Faculty of Architecture KTH, Stockholm, 2006 - 2009 

Faculty of Architecture, The University of Sydney, fall 2005

The Oslo School of Architecture and Design AHO, Norway, 2003 - 2012 

The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Copenhagen, 2003 

The Royal Academy’s School of Architecture, Copenhagen, 2003 - present 

Faculty of Architecture, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, 2002 

Delft School of Architecture, Holland, 2000, 2013 

Aarhus Art Academy, Denmark, 1999 


Professional Experience

Own practice, BBJ_architecture_urbanism_research, 2011 - present

Affiliated with Architectural Office TRANSFORM, 1997 - 2005 

Freelance at Architectural Office Bæk, Simonsen & Aaris, 1997 - 2000 

Part-timer at Architectural Office JWH Architects, 1997 - 1998  




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Exhibitions Texts and other Texts on Physical Display:

ART OF MANY - THE RIGHT TO SPACE, catalogue for the official Danish contribution to the 15th International Architecture Exhibition, La Biennale di Venezia, Danish Architectural Centre, 2016, 520 pages.

”Hyperabia - om byrum og arkitektur i De Forenede Arabiske Emirater”, in Arab Contemporary Exhibition Catalogue, 2014, pp. 224-237

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”Med infrastrukturen som omdrejningspunkt”, in exhibition catalogue for ’Efterårsudstillingen’ Charlottenborg 1999, (with TRANSFORM). (No pagination).


Exhibitions and Curatorial Work 


@15th Biennale di Venezia / co-curator with Kristoffer Lindhardt Weiss

Architectural Curator

@ KULTURMØDET - The City of Nykøbing Mors, Denmark

ARAB CONTEMPORARY  – Architecture, Culture and Identity, 2014

@ Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Humlebæk

 CO-EVOLUTION – Danish/Chinese, Collaboration on Sustainable Urban Development in China, 2006

@10th Biennale di Venezia / with Transform 

City Syd – flugtveje til byen, 2005 

@ Architectural Gallery Box 2.0 with Transform and Peter Holst Henckel

Imagecity: Formal and Informal Networks, 2003  

@ Royal Academy of Art in Copenhagen

Liquid Edge, 2000  

@ Architectural Triennial in Oslo / with Space Group and Transform

Models of Resistance, 2000  

@ Galleri Overgaden / with Transform

Rummets Udspænding - Byens Udstrækning, 2000 

@ AAA exhibition / with TRANSFORM 

]Aarhus – Las Vegas[, 2000  

@ Architectural Gallery, Danish Architectural Centre / with Peter Hemmersam & Tom Nielsen

Imagining the H-City, 1999  

@ the Autumn Exhibition, Charlottenborg, Copenhagen / with Transform 


Architectural Competitions

New Telemark Museum in Skien, Norway, 2016

2nd price / with COBE and TRANSFORM

Landscape Strategy for Eastern Jutland, 2015

Initial prospect / with Professor Tom Nielsen

Master Plan Prospect for ‘Morsø Multipark’, 2015

Prequalified commission / with jaja Architects

Strategic Plan for Allinge and ‘The Folk-Meeting’ in Bornholm, 2015

Prequalified competition / with Schønherr landscape & jaja Architects

Private Villa in Hinnerup, Aarhus, 2015

Sketch proposal, direct commission

New Theatre in Nykøbing Mors, 2015

Sketch proposal / with CEBRA Architects

‘Framtidsbilder: Trondheim’, Trondheim Municipality, 2014

Prequalified competition / with C. F. Møller Architects & jaja Architects

A future urban space in Gellerup, Aarhus Municipality, 2014

Prequalified competition / with SLA, Effekt, COWI, Social Action & GAM3

A New City Centre in Kiruna, 2012  

Prequalified competition / with COBE, Kragh & Berglund, Moe & Brødsgård, Yngve Andrén Konsult

Erhvervskorridoren ved Silkeborg, 2012  

Second phase / with Møller & Grønborg and Transform

Et byrumsforløb mellem Svendborg bymidte og havn, 2012  

Prequalified competition / with SLA, Public arkitekter, 2+1 IDEBUREAU, Rene Kural

Søndermarken, Vejle / Fremtidens Forstæder, 2012  

1. price / with Transform and SLA

City in between / Fremtidens Forstæder, Aalborg Øst, 2012  

Prequalified competition / with COBE, MVRDV, Kragh & Berglund, Moe & Brødsgård, Yngve Andrén Konsult

Farum i udvikling / Fremtidens Forstæder, 2012  

Prequalified competition / with BIG, Grontmij, Thing & Wainø

Conference and Congress Centre in Madrid, 2007  

3. price / with Arkitema

Performing Arts Center, Kristiansand, 2005  

2. price / with Transform

Byområde i Lisbjerg, Denmark, 2003  

Honourable mentioning / with Transform

Prags Boulevard, Copenhagen, 2002  

3. price / with Transform

Hyperblock, Lelystad. Europan 6, 2001  

Honourable mentioning / with Transform

Master plan for Aarhus Harbour, Denmark, 1999  

Open competition / with Transform, Exfolio Svein Tønsager

Byens fremtid / The Future of the City, 1999  

Danish Arts Foundation Award Competition / with Transform

Rådhus med hovedbibliotek og flerkinoanlæg i Tromsø, Norway, 1999  

Open competition / with Transform

Idekonkurrence om et boligområde i Sorø, 1999  

4. price in open competition / with Transform

Fremtidens daginstitutioner, 1997  

Open competition / with Transform and Søren Gornitzka

Parcelhuset som arkitektur, 1998  

Danish Arts Foundation Award Competition / with Mette Nygaard & Jes Dombernowsky

Fleksible boliger / Flexible Housing, 1998  

Honourable mentioning in open competition / with JWH Architects 

Århus Stadion, 1997  

2. price in open competition / with JWH Architects 

Boligområde ved Bjørnemosevej, Odense, 1997  

2. price in open competition / with JWH Architects 



‘Alternative Ways of Living’ organised by, Hjørring Municipality, 2017

‘The Attractive Town Centre’ in Grenå, Nordjurs Municipality, 2015

Aabenraa – fremtidens købstad, Aabenraa Kommune & Realdania, 2013

Member of Nykredits Arkitekturprisudvalg, 2010 - 2013 

Independent expert/nominator for the “Mies van der Rohe Prize”, 2012 - present 

The Future of Competitions - Tell Them What They Need, Conditions Magazine, 2010

Parallelopdrag for Gellerup, Aarhus Municipality, 2008 

Architectural Design Ideas Competition, Károlyi István Town Center, Budapest, 2008 

Member of the “Diploma Jury”, The Oslo School of Architecture and Design AHO, Norway, 2007 - 2011 

CityXport, student competition, AAA, 2006 

Latvia’s Architectural Association – “Annual Award 2004”, 2004  


Honorary office

Member of BLOX HUB Sciense Forum’s Advisory Board, Copenhagen, 2017 – present

Member of Musicon’s Advisory Board, Roskilde Municipality, 2015 - present

Board member of The Danish Town Planning Institute / Dansk Byplanlaboratorium, 2014 - 2018

Appointed jury for the Danish Architectural Association, AA, 2013 - present

Board member of Ministeriet for By, Bolig og Landdistrikters tænketank: “Fællesskabet og BYEN 2025”, 2013 - 2014

Elected member of The School Board, Aarhus School of Architecture, AAA, 2012 - present 

Board member of the Danish Ministry of Culture’s Research Board, 2011 

Member of the editorial board of Conditions magazine, 2010 - 2012 

Head of the editorial board of “Arkitekten” magazine, 2011 - 2013 

Member of Kunstnersamfundet / Danish Art Society, 2008 - present 

Board member of The School Council, Aarhus School of Architecture, AAA, 2007 - 2011 

Board member of the Mayors Think Tank on Infrastructure and Urban Development, Aarhus Municipality, 2007 - 2009 

Board member of the Association of Danish Architects, 2004 - 2007 

Board member of the council for Aalborg Municipality’s Architectural Forum, 2004 - 2006 

Member of the editorial board of “Arkitekten” magazine, 2003 - 2011 

Member of SBS & “Byplanlaboratoriets Forstadspanel”, 2003 - 2005  


Grants and Scholarships

Travel grant from Danish Arts Foundation / Statens Kunstfond, 2017

Annual work grant from the Danish Arts Foundation / Statens Kunstfond, 2013

Project & production grant from the Dreyer Foundation, 1993, 2003, 2012

Scholarship to Harvard Graduate School of Design from the Dreyer Foundation, 2010

Project & production grant from the Danish Arts Foundation / Statens Kunstfond, 2001, 2003, 2007, 2009

Travel grant from Lemvig Müller & Munck’s Foundation, 2003, 2010

Scholarship and travel grant from Knud Højgaard’s Foundation, 1993, 2003

Travel grant from Christian & Ottilia Brorson’s Foundation, 2003, 2010

Travel grant from Esther & Jep Fink’s Foundation, 2006


Research area

  • City
  • Architecture
  • History and culture
  • Landscape
  • Theory and philosophy
  • Aesthetics and form