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Organisation profile

The Institute of Architecture and Technology produces graduates with a broad knowledge of the possibilities and limits of technology for both small-scale and large-scale projects. We train architects, who can use digital tools and sustainable solutions, and who are capable of contributing to present and future challenges at both local and global level: for example, in relation to buildings, floods and land development on the Danish coast, which is gradually disappearing. The Institute of Architecture and Technology concentrates on both practice and research. Technology engenders a new spatial language, and students at the Institute learn to speak that language.

  • Adaptive Fungal Architectures

    Adamatzky, A., Gandia, A., Ayres, P., Wösten, H. & Tegelaar, M., 2021, (Accepted/In press) In: LINKs-series. 5-6, p. 66-77 12 p., 10.

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  • Design with Knowledge – Light in Learning Environments

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  • Fællesskaber

    Mossin, N., Hinsby, P., Lønbjerg Petersen, T., Offenberg, N., Lindholm, V. B., Rytter, A., Eiriksson, M. E., Skov, A., Sørensen, A., Petersen, B., Warming, M., Mogensen, M. & Stilling, S., 2021, 1. ed. København. 95 p.

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