Web of Design Encounters: Everyday Worklife as an Open-Ended Material in an Exploratory and Ongoing Design Process

Publikation: Bog / Antologi / Afhandling / RapportPh.d.-afhandlingForskning


In this PhD thesis spatial production becomes a common matter among employees and architects. From an ideal that issues and questions develops in the engagement with a work context it is exemplified and explored how design grows out of encounters between people and things. In that relation the thesis brings a special attention on “things” as having an agency on equal terms with humans in such design encounters. In design situations where everyday worklife is embraced as a valuable element in a changing reality, one does not only need to perceive and treat the everyday context as an open design material and a resource. The act of forming also requires control of the design situation and the outcome is to some extend conclusive and determined by something although kept open for further inquiry. Such balance between constraints and freedom, order and disorder, predictability and uncertainty is what an experimental architectural design practice enables. The question is however, how this is done in a design space far from the architect’s design studio; a design space that includes employees at workplaces as codesigners in the process of molding the everyday worklife into a preferred future. The aim of this thesis is to exemplify how an exploratory research setup may move architectural design practice into a more social and open design space. Enlightened by Actor Network Theory combined with Hans-Jörg Reinbergers conceptual framework for analyzing experimental research practice, it enters and proceeds the micro-practice behind a Workspace:lab.rumlighed
ForlagThe Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design
Antal sider262
ISBN (Trykt)9788778309556
StatusUdgivet - 2017

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