Teaching Co-Design Games in Five Weeks: - Exploring diversity and unity for a design school in transition

Eva Brandt, Sarasiff Kjærgård, Gudrun Risak Schou, Martin Vallin

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    This paper is about educating designers as codesigners
    and reflective practitioners. It is argued
    that an important goal in design pedagogy is learning
    the students’ strategies and tools for how to involve
    various stakeholders in designing, and how to deal
    with uncertainty and open design agendas. It is
    important in order to prepare students for a career
    as designers. The paper reports from an intense five
    weeks course about developing and using design
    games as a frame for design-oriented collaborations
    with people outside the core design team. Co-design
    is about making room for people with diverse
    interests, roles and responsibilities in rehearsing the
    future. Using the game metaphor to stage and engage
    everyone is a valuable format for collaborative
    inquiry and co-creating future visions – in other
    words exploring diversity and creating unity about
    values and goals. The professional designer is the one
    to organize co-design events that can accommodate
    common learning through inquiry and design.
    Developing and playing design games is a valuable
    format for co-designing and therefore a good example
    of what could take place during a specific design
    event. Hence they can be very useful in design
    Publikationsdatonov. 2011
    Antal sider12
    StatusUdgivet - nov. 2011
    BegivenhedInternational Association of Societies of Design Research: Diversity and unity - Delft, Holland
    Varighed: 31 okt. 20114 nov. 2011


    KonferenceInternational Association of Societies of Design Research


    • Design education
    • co-design
    • Design games

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