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Studio CONTEXT deals with habitation and a social sustainable architecture based on complexity on all scales of a specific context, that involves geographi¬cal, historical, anthropological and social reflections, a cross cultural involvement and mutual learning as well as investigations into the most basic elements to define the core qualities of architecture: space, light and ma¬terial in a human perspective.

Since its establishment in fall 2012 our studio found its cultural backdrop in the fascinating context of India. We worked for several semesters in collaboration with the international well-known architectural office Studio Mumbai near Bombay, where we on close hold experienced the meticulous working method of Bijoy Jain including his extensive care for details up to the scale 1:1. Inspired by this and India’s rich culture, the hospitality of her peoples and the enormous challenges they face everyday, my colleague Leif Høgfeldt Hansen and I decided to cooperate with an architect school from Southern India to erect a functional building for a NGO in Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu. Our partner became the Centre for Advanced Research and Education, CARE School of Architecture under the lead of Vijaykumar Sengottuvelan. They suggested an organisation and site on a nearby farm for agricultural education. At the same time we teamed up with Korean architects Byong Cho and Sara Kim who actively followed the design and construction process of studio CONTEXT. Climatic and social sustainable aspects determined the design of the facility.
The program included an exhibition/education space for teenagers to receive an alternative schooling in farming. Farm products could be exhibited and a shaded space could shelter various activities. An additional combusting toilet was part of the program and should showcase how to build a sustainable, environment friendly sanitation facility even in remote areas.

18 students from Aarhus School of Architecture and their Indian counterparts together with local craftsmen erected the bamboo and brick structure within 5 weeks time. Previously, planning, design and detailing had been roughly prepared in Aarhus and continued parallel with the building process in India.
Beside structural and tectonic difficulties, cultural differences and the communication with Tamil speaking locals, food and health problems posed demanding challenges to overcome.
TitelSustainability : An Imperative for Plurality and Context
RedaktørerWalter Unterrainer
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ForlagArkitektskolen Aarhus
Publikationsdatoaug. 2015
ISBN (Trykt)9788790979539
StatusUdgivet - aug. 2015

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