Strategisk bæredygtig byudvikling: En kortlægning af fagfeltet

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This project has identified some of the most central themes, actors and required skills for the future of the field of strategic sustainable urban development in Denmark. The most central themes in the discussions among professionals in the field are – among others – urban growth, climate adaptation, CO2-reductions, and the wider transition into a circular society. Tools and data for goal-setting and measuring the development in all of these areas is a specific area of interest.
The research shows that the field is populated with a diverse group of actors which can be categorised in six groups: Practitioners, professional organisations, public agencies, education institutions, researchers and others. Across the field, there are different understandings of what sustainable urban development is. We have identified more than 300 actors in the field in total, however the field may be wider. The majority of these actors recognise the value, potential and need for increased cooperation between actors and organisations in the field. A wide range of actors in the field point to an increase in demand for cross- functional skills and the ability to think holistically and strategically in relation to sustainable urban development, while they also emphasize the importance of a continued focus on teaching core skills in the urban planning and architectural disciplines.
Finally, the team behind this report presents its recommendations to developing the field. These include the need for strengthening the access for actors across the field to relevant data regarding sustainable urban development and the need for all actors and organisations in the field to contribute to a coordinated and joint effort in working for national sustainability targets. Finally we point to the role of the education institutions in maintaining the high skill-level in the traditional professional groups while also promoting the demands for strategic and cross-functional skills. However other actors in the field can also participate in the development of the skill-base for the future of the field.
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Rekvirerende organisationKunstakademiets Arkitektskole
StatusUdgivet - 24 mar. 2021

Kunstnerisk udviklingsvirksomhed (KUV)

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