Resource strategies: discussions on remodeling modernistic housing and related social impacts

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A growing tendency to remodel social housing areas can actually be recognized in the Nordic countries. The paper analyses a case where a vulnerable modernistic housing area is remodelled based on social arguments. Through findings it is discussed how more responsible circular strategies can save the inhabitants and the environment from ´wasting´ already valuable welfare and already existing spatial structures and materials. The starting point is taken in the actual transformation of Gellerup, a New Town area built from 1968 to 1972 in Aarhus. A dramatic demolition has already taken place to avoid social disorder. This was done to provide room for rethinking, for changes in demography and for mixed ownership, and thereby solve several social problems. The process is under development, but already before this remodelling has finished and will perhaps fulfil its purpose, the government and the city council have predicted further demolishment. The tenants are increasingly reacting to this development, which erases their homes and the history of Gellerup. The loss of the areas memories and the fact that they feel they are not involved in decisions regarding their area worry them.
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StatusUdgivet - 2019
BegivenhedSBE 19: Emerging Concepts for Sustainable Built Environment - Metropol Universty of applied science Finland, Finland, Finland
Varighed: 22 maj 201924 maj 2019


KonferenceSBE 19
LokationMetropol Universty of applied science Finland

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