One Hundred Years: Sustainable architecture history

Elizabeth Donovan (Producent)

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This exhibition showcases, one-hundred years of sustainability history. This complex history is represented by one-hundred hanging acrylic squares, which symbolize one-hundred years of historical narrative. Each transparent square signifies one year, and these are presented in rows of ten, demonstrating one decade. Ink-transfers showcase an abstract representation of around 300 events (orange); theories and movements (red); publications (purple), and built examples (blue) that are relevant to sustainable architecture during this period.

This visual articulation of a complex history was created to explore how multifaceted information, collected from literature in 2015, could be illustrated and made more accessible. By arranging each square in rows of decades, it allows you to look through history and understand the complex and responsive nature of this field. As evident in the hanging squares, sustainable architecture has developed in response and reaction to a broader global context; for example, as the events and disasters in orange increase so do the number of publications (purple) and built examples (blue), illustrating a direct correlation between architecture and environmental, political, financial, social and cultural concerns and crises. Another example which was made apparent, occurred during the 1940s, at first glance the lack of progression in this period seemed strange, however, by including more extensive global events it became evident that of course, this was due to World War II. This is an example of simple and obvious causation but one which was highlighted through this process. Subsequently, the progression of sustainable architecture requires looking at our history as a catalyst for changes in our built environment. This piece illustrates the relationships and complexity between the many factors of our past, which can inspire a more holistic sustainable future.

While sustainability may be considered a contemporary ideology or theory; within the built environment, sustainable architecture – and its many other synonyms (environmental, ecological, green, resilience etc.) have been present for many decades. This research study intended to find structure, hierarchy, and connections within the historical discourse of sustainable architecture through the critical examination and formation of a visual systematic framework to relate, adapt and configure existing discourse; discovering if patterns, consistencies, and meanings emerge. In turn, encouraging the history of sustainable architecture to become more accessible for improved knowledge share – bridging the gap between discourse and practice.
Publikationsdatonov. 2018
UdgivelsesstedDAC in Blox, Copenhagen
Størrelse100 x (40x40cm acrylic panels)
StatusUdgivet - nov. 2018
BegivenhedFORSK på BLOX: Arkitektskolen Aarhus udstiller forskning på BLOX - Dansk Arkitektur Center, København, Danmark
Varighed: 2 nov. 201820 dec. 2018


UdstillingFORSK på BLOX
LokationDansk Arkitektur Center

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