Explaining Sustainable Architecture

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More often than not, we are faced by comments, such as sustainable architecture can’t be defined, we don’t know what it means, or it means everything and nothing. However, what are the implications for the architectural profession if we are not able to articulate what it is, we are doing. The consequences of our lexicon are not just a matter of academic interest. Precise terminology in practice, especially in the briefing process is critical, particularly in the earlier stages of design, as decisions taken rely on all actors ‘speaking the same language.’
A series of studies were developed to explore this topic. Primarily, an extensive literature (content) review, followed by a questionnaire and interviews with experts in the field, gathering information on what sustainable architecture means to them and how it impacts both discourse and practice. In much of the literature examined, within the introduction, there is a tendency to define sustainable architecture; acknowledge that it cannot be defined, or articulate that there is no agreed-upon definition. These themes also reoccurred thought-out conversations with architects supported by first-hand accounts of the subsequent implications of practicing within such a complex field. These discussions recognize that the way we discuss sustainable architecture is crucial as it influences how it is practiced. What was apparent is a dichotomy of definitions, understandings, terminology, and language which are all valid. This is evident through the distinct transition in terminology; development of meanings; as well as the establishment that there are multiple meanings which are person-specific. This dichotomy has potential value in that it maintains the broadness, which allows for innovative thinking and diverse responses while also acknowledging various individuals and ways of practicing sustainable architecture.
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StatusUdgivet - 2020
BegivenhedBeyond 2020: World Sustainable Built Environment Conference - Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sverige
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