Experiments on the Making(T32 work in progress)

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REF # 140  Abstract
As an architect, one is trained to apply a mode of operation - a cyclical chain of events deriving from (observation(discovery)>possession(initiative(notations))>interpretation(readi ngs)>assemblage(composition))
In any part of the chain a new serial as a loop can be introduced. This mode of operation entails production of derivative variations accommodating a reading of differences in the material as well as in the space in between, facilitating possibilities of chance encounters, discoveries. The work is developed as a fragmented assemblage of representations of T32 (acronym – a road, 32 – house number) – inferred and derived – a smallholding situated in the outskirts of the village, before, during and after demolition (2014).

The landscape in a constant change represents deprivation of the built environment and of the cultural heritage, becoming the vessel (conductor, facilitator) of memories of the places of obliteration it exposes; the erasure of significance of the past, and possesses their validity in the present and the future.

Methodological approaches explored in the contextual, the serial, relating to T32 its heterogeneous representations; the findings, the manipulated drawings, and models. These are assembled in one installation – a prototype. A prototype that explores through its making how it can contain the findings, the manipulated drawings, and models. The experiment seeks to challenge the perception of a place, a (re)construction that relates to its origins, its providence(history), and to question its contextual expansion. A construction of an installation interpreting the relation and situations explored in the series – before, during and after.
Publikationsdato21 nov. 2016
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StatusUdgivet - 21 nov. 2016
Begivenhedcumulus: Design for E-very-thing - cumulus, Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Varighed: 21 nov. 201625 nov. 2016


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