Design for the New World: From Human Design to Planet Design

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Design for the New World. From Human Design to Planet Design aims to introduce a new paradigm in design and design thinking, by shifting our approach from a human-centred perspective that is primarily focused on human scales, needs, and desires, to a planet-centred perspective, in which design is always guided by the ambition to create a balanced coexistence between humans and the other species that make up the global ecosystem.

To achieve this aim, Design for the New World connects traditional design thinking with ongoing debates about the Anthropocene and innovative perspectives from systems thinking, systemic leadership, and indigenous practices. The book intervenes in current discussions within design research about what role design can play in the sustainable transition, by offering new methods and mindsets to handle the giant-scale complexity of the climate and environmental crisis, as well as concrete tools to turn these theoretical reflections into a transformative practice.
ForlagIntellect Press
Antal sider200
StatusAccepteret/In press - 2022

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