Design for Global Markets: A User-Value-Based Approach

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    In a global economy, no company can safely assume that their products will be accepted in foreign markets. One key issue is to understand and meet the latent needs of culturally diverse target markets. This book examines from a user perspective the issue of developing new products for global markets. Given that main goal of any design is to create value for users, Boztepe argues that the concept of user value could be a driving force in design decision-making regarding product development for global markets. Through interviews with women about their kitchen practices and observations of their use of kitchen appliances, she presents an ethnographic account of users' value assignment to everyday products as they interact with them. She also examines the cultural elements involved in the process of value assignment. Boztepe uses these findings to propose a user-value-based adaptation framework to assists marketers, product designers and managers to deal with the complex issue of designing and tailoring products for local needs.
    UdgivelsesstedSaarbrücken, Germany
    ForlagVDM Verlag
    Antal sider144
    ISBN (Trykt)978-3639115130
    ISBN (Elektronisk)3639115139
    StatusUdgivet - 2009

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