Dermoid III

Martin Tamke (Producent), Henrik Leander Evers (Producent), Aron Fidjeland (Producent), Christoph Gengnagel (Producent), Greg Quinn (Producent), Anders Holden Deleuran (Producent), Mark Burry (Producent), Andy Miller (Producent), Jenny Underwood (Producent), Michael Wilson (Producent), Lukas Wlodarcyzk (Producent), Michael Wilson (Producent)

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    Dermoid is a teaching and research collaboration by The Spatial Information Architecture Laboratory (SIAL) RMIT, the Centre for Information Technology and Architecture (CITA), Royal Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, Copenhagen, and RMIT Fashion and Textiles.
    I n 2009 Prof. Mark Burry won the prestigious Velux Visiting Professorship Award to work with CITA, Centre for IT and Architecture at KA, over a two year period. The aim for the Visiting Professorship was to explore how computation can lead to new material practices in architecture. Dermoid looks at reciprocal frame systems aiming to develop large span architectural structures
    from short timber members. Designed as aggregates of double beams, the material flex is designed into individual elements creating a complex layered weave for an architectural installation.
    Within Convergence, the third iteration of Dermoid is displayed, as design workshop, installation and exhibition. The Dermoid III Installation/workshop will
    continue to test material behaviour with the additional design problem of ‘skinning’ the structure, informed by an understanding of material behaviour, developed via computational design and physical testing of knitted textiles. Working through a transdisciplinary workshop model, the research project creates an environment of exchange between researchers, students and industry practitioners. The workshops create open environments where researchers across architecture and textile design disciplines seek to question technologies, materials and construction techniques together.

    RMIT University, Design Research
    Institute, SIAL, Fashion and
    Textiles; Centre for Information
    Technology & Architecture (CITA),
    Copenhagen; UDL, Berlin
    Publikationsdato3 maj 2013
    StatusUdgivet - 3 maj 2013
    BegivenhedCONVERGENCE: transforming our future - RMIT Design Hub Building 100, Corner of Victoria & Swanston Streets, Carlton, Melbourne, Australien
    Varighed: 3 maj 201325 maj 2013


    KonferenceCONVERGENCE: transforming our future
    LokationRMIT Design Hub Building 100, Corner of Victoria & Swanston Streets, Carlton

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    • Dermoid III

      Tamke, M., Evers, H. L., Fidjeland, A., Deleuran, A. H., Gengnagel, C., Quinn, G., Burry, M., Miller, A., Wilson, M., Burry, J., Wilson, M. & Wlodarcyzk, L.


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