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Concrete is a component of coherent transition between a concrete base and a wooden construction. The structure is based on a quantity of investigations of the design possibilities that arise when combining digital fabrication tools and material capacities.
Through tangible experiments the project discusses materiality and digitally controlled fabrications tools as direct expansions of the architect’s digital drawing and workflow. The project sees this expansion as an opportunity to connect the digital environment with the reality of materials – and use realisation and materialisation to generate architectural developments and findings through an iterative mode of thinking about the dialogue between drawing, materials and fabrication.The control of fabrication tools through precise drawing opens up a new approach to materials in an architectural context. The drawing that controls the tools becomes specific for this to happen. And the knowledge and intention behind the drawing becomes specialised through the understanding of the fabrication processes and their affect on the materials.The structure Concrete is a result of a multi-angled kerf series in ash wood and a concrete base. The ash wood is cut using a 5-axis CNC router with a thin saw blade attached. The programming of the machining results in variations of kerfs that lets the ash wood twist into unique shapes.The shapes of the revolving ash ribbons continue into the concrete creating a cohesive shape. The form for the concrete itself is made using a CNC routed polystyrene piece partiality lined with digital cut latex sheets and partially treated with a retarding solution.
Publikationsdato14 apr. 2015
Størrelse W 160 cm x D 40 cm x H 200 – 250 cm
StatusUdgivet - 14 apr. 2015
BegivenhedEngaging Through Architecture - Ventura Lambrate - Milan Design Week, Milano, Italien
Varighed: 14 apr. 201519 apr. 2015


KonferenceEngaging Through Architecture
LokationVentura Lambrate - Milan Design Week

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