Circular economy in Nordic Architecture: Thoughts on the process, practices, and case studies

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The principles of the circular economy change the existing practices in the construction sector. Designing for the future reuse requires extended research concerning the building's structure and the properties of materials. The circular design needs to investigate such aspects as the robustness of materials, reversibility of the structure, maintenance techniques, and reuse scenarios. This often requires extended knowledge and multiple consultations with experts. Thus, it results in a non-standard design trajectory. Therefore, the circular design process encounters multiple challenges related to the innovative character of architectural solutions, lack of knowledge, absence of adequate legal regulations and policies, ineffective business models, extended design phase, extra costs, or other socio-cultural determinants.
In this paper, selected case studies from the Nordic countries are analysed through literature reviews, field visits, and case studies analysis to define exemplary, architectural practices that close material flows and enable circular design and construction process.  Analysed case studies (i.e., projects by Vandkunsten Architects, Lendager Group, Helen and Hard) demonstrate that research-based design process, life-cycle analysis, designing for disassembly, the use of local materials and techniques results in environmentally effective, high-quality, aesthetic, and sustainable architecture which not only functions well today but have a long-lasting character as it embraces the value of passing time. In the Nordic countries (Denmark, Norway), there are buildings that prove that the principles of the circular economy can be successfully incorporated in the built environment and serve as an inspiration for further development of circular architecture and sustainable cities. 
TitelWSBE 20 - World Sustainable Built Environment - Beyond2020
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UdgivelsesstedGothenburg, Sweden
ForlagIOP Publishing
Publikationsdatonov. 2020
StatusUdgivet - nov. 2020
BegivenhedBeyond 2020: World Sustainable Built Environment Conference - Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sverige
Varighed: 2 nov. 20204 nov. 2020


KonferenceBeyond 2020: World Sustainable Built Environment Conference
LokationChalmers University of Technology
NavnIOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science

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