Blå Bog

Lene Hald, Stine Behrendtzen

Publikation: Bog / Antologi / Afhandling / RapportBogFormidling


Stine Behrendtzen and Lene Hald have published a photo book which has been created in collaboration with the Danish Welfare Museum and 13 people who have experienced periods in their lives with social vulnerability: Some have been placed in foster care as children. Others have grown up with psychiatric diagnosis. Some have been homeless, in prison or addicted to alcohol while others have lived in hostels or experienced domestic violence.

The book has been created through a number of StoryLabs at the Danish Welfare Museum (which was once a poor farm). These StoryLabs seek to position the citizen as "co-researchers" and "co-creators" of the project through specific designerly and photographic methods.

The 13 contributors translated their life experiences into pictures, collages, photographs and words. In addition, they have explored the museum's archives and used their personal experiences to tell the story of the socially disadvantaged people who once lived at the Poor Farm in Svendborg.

With the book, Behrendtzen and Hald hope to add new nuances to a corner of Danish history that has not been adequately covered: Until 1964, for example, it was common for citizens in socially disadvantaged positions who were enrolled at Poor Farms as "unworthily needy" to give up their right to vote, property and the right to marry or act as guardians of their children.

Many of the lives that have unfolded in shelters orphanages and social cafés have therefore never found their way to the history books, and the historical knowledge that exists about socially disadvantaged citizens is typically not written by these citizens themselves, but by principals, police officers and other custodians who have had the authority to journalize and archive.

With the book, we explore what kind of stories we inherit from the past. And by mirroring these ancient stories in tales from the present, we hope to be able to spot some of the invisible threads that stretch between then and now.

The Blue Book is printed in 200 numbered copies. Covers are folded by hand. The book has 13 titles - one for each participant who has contributed to the project.
ForlagDanmarks Forsorgsmuseum
Antal sider120
StatusUdgivet - 16 apr. 2021


  • codesign
  • social design
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